Roller Blinds

Achieve a designer look with Top Spot Blinds’s most popular product – Roller Blinds. 

Melbourne’s Indoor Blinds and Roller Blinds Specialists with over 35+ years experience. 

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Transform your home

Whether you’re looking for soft, filtered light for privacy, full blockout blinds for uninterrupted sleep, or a sheer blind to enhance your decor, Top Spot Blinds Melbourne have the perfect solution for you.  

Great range of roller blind options available.

Blockout Blinds

Complete privacy when closed and excellent solution to darken a room. Made from thick, opaque roller blind fabric that helps blockout sun and light. Block out Blinds are also known as Blackout Blinds.

Translucent Blinds

Similar to Sheer Mesh roller blinds, translucent blinds filters natural light, however are made of a tightly woven fabric which is designed to impedes the view from inside and out. Even though you can’t see out, note at night if the lights are on, your silhouette will be visible through translucent blinds.


Sunscreen & Mesh Blinds

Translucent Roller Blinds

Sheer Mesh roller blinds filters light providing extra privacy and protection during the day time without losing your amazing view or natural light.

Dual Blinds

Dual roller blind or double blinds systems have a double bracket, typically one for a blockout blind and the other for a mesh fabric. Each blind can be independently adjusted. These type of blinds are also known as Day and Night Blinds.

Roller Blind Pelmets

Conceal Roller Blinds Fixtures. Pelmets available in anodised silver, white, sandstone and black. Alternatively pelmets can be custom made and covered by the same fabric as your blinds or in a contrasting fabric.

Motorised Roller Blinds

Motorising and automating your roller blinds will enable you to take home living to the next level. 

Motorisation is available as a wired option especially for those hard to reach places or high windows. Battery operation is also available eliminating the need for an electrician.

Roller Blinds are Suitable for all rooms.

For bedrooms – Blockout roller blinds are perfect as they provide privacy at night . Also popular are Dual blind combination such as pairing a Blockout roller blind with a ceiling to floor Sheer Curtain, or Blockout Roller Blind with a Mesh Roller Blind.

For kitchens – Blockout and sunscreen fabrics are the two most preferred types for kitchen window blinds.

Living areas and lounge rooms – Similar to bedrooms, blockout or dual blinds pairing are ideal.

For Bathrooms – These rooms require a high level of privacy, so blockout blinds or translucent blinds are ideal.

For Offices – Office spaces usually have sunscreen roller blinds installed on their windows. This is because they are effective at reducing sun glare, light and heat during the day.

Effortless home automation at your fingertips

Are you looking to add the element of total convenience to your home? 

Motorisation is the new standard in home automation, complete control and comfort is just one step away. At Top Spot Blinds, we offer motorisation on our selection of window furnishing solutions.

Motorisation is available as a wired option especially for those hard to reach places or high windows. Battery operation is also available eliminating the need for an electrician.

AC Motor

A/C Line Voltage

  • Requires connection by a licensed electrician.
  • Ideal for large blinds, blinds located in hard to reach areas or room with multiple blinds

Solar battery Motor

Solar Powered

  • Eco-Friendly option
  • Batteries charge with light

Wireless Battery Motor

Wireless Battery

  • No electricianor electric work required
  • Lithium battery for long life


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