Top Spot Blinds wavefold sheer curtains (also known as S fold) creates a stylish addition to your home and makes a bold statement to your room. This can be achieved when using a combination of blockout roller blinds with sheer curtains. For all layered window solutions, the use of sheers will provide more options of your desired level of privacy during day or night.

Sheer curtains are transparent, lightweight material which drape with a smooth continuous wave effect, creating a beautifully elegant and relaxed look. Sheer curtains allow the sun’s natural light and beauty to come through your window, but also block UV rays that can damage your furniture.

Another wonderful feature to sheer curtains is the additional privacy they can provide to your room/s. With the added layer of insulation from outside observation.

Sheer curtains and blinds are also a wonderful addition to your enclosed outdoor patio areas to enhance a relaxing ambience and a carefree summer mood in outdoor rooms of all kinds. Perhaps your outdoor entertaining area is a little too close to neighbours.

Sheers are also surprisingly easy to operate with a flick of a wand and minimal effort by pulling across or using a cord for privacy or to increase the appeal of the space light sheers.


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