What Blind Has Stood The Test Of Time?

Roller Blind Trends

Over the last 30 plus year Top Spot Blinds has seen many Roller Blind Trends and so many other window furnishings were the must have of the time, but only one blind has remained a constant trend since it's inception...Yep, you guessed it, the humble Roller Blind. Also known us a Holland Blind, Kitchen Blind, and the ever obvious, Roll Up Blind.

Roller Blinds have come a long way with now having the option of dual blinds instead of just the one blockout blind. Dual Roller Blinds offer the blinds to be operated with ease as now you can use the chains as appose to the old way of springs.

We offer customers to have spring assist with large blinds as this will make the operation of the blind very smooth and take the pressure off the chain.

Manufacturing Roller Blinds has come a long way as Top Spot Blinds has been using the latest ultrasonic cutting machine for cutting our roller blinds allowing our fabric to be sealed on every cut.  We DO NOT use a Stanley knife to cut our blinds as this will cause fabric to fray over time.

We guarantee sealed, fray free cut on every cut on every blind.

The cutting axis moves over the table to cut pre-programmed panels from the roll. After the first cross cut, each panel is turned 90 degrees and the blind or screen is cut to measure automatically giving each blind a perfect finish every time.


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