Product Tips

Product Tips

The best product tips on how to look after your blinds, awnings, shutters, and doors, may not be the way you think. We have put together a quick list on the top things you should be doing for your blinds, shutters, and doors, to make sure you get longevity out of your product.

Indoor Blinds

Indoor blinds need to be kept dust, oil, and smoke-free to keep them in their optimum condition. The best way to do this is to follow a few basic products tips.

  • To Spot Clean your blinds, you can use the -Magic Eraser
  •  Remove all dust with a white feather duster, or similar for your plantation shutters and Venetian blinds
  • Another option is you can  wipe away any of you indoor blinds over with a clean, white, lightly damp cloth as often as needed to wipe away any dust.


Outdoor awnings are exposed to many exterior elements such as the sun, rain, dust and bird droppings. The best way to do this is to follow a couple of the basic product tips.

  • When it comes to bad weather and rain we suggest you leave the awnings all the way up but, if you have left them down and the canvas fabric becomes wet. We suggest you leave the awnings down to let the canvas fabric dry. Do not put canvas fabric up if the canvas is wet to keep your canvas lasting longer.
  • For any bird dropping we suggest you water down the (bid dropping only) with the hose gently,  with just a sponge and dab the bird dropping away. Do not use any harsh chemicals and do not use a high pressure hose.


Outdoor Roller Shutters are exposed to many outdoor elements such as the sun, rain and dust. The best way to do this is to follow our basic product tips.

  • Tip - Close all window before you proceed the following tip.
  • Slightly open up your Roller Shutters as you would to open up for ventilation. You can then hose down your shutters,  following up with washing the shutters down with a sponge using only a very mild soap in warm water just as you would wash your windows or car. Simply then hose down the excess soap and dry it down with absorbent cloth.


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