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  • Residential, Commercial properties (installers - WorkSafe Victoria white card)

Get rid of your old curtains and drapes and get Roller Blinds today!

Top Spot Blinds have a huge range of Block out Blinds, light filtering Roller Blinds and Screen Roller Blinds (Mesh Blinds) which are used to either provide complete privacy or allow light to enter to room.

Range of options
for your windows

  • Over 200 colours to choose from
  • Our fabric range is non-flammable, mildew resistant, assists with heat reduction, water resistant, reduces glare, with optimal visibility.

There are 2 main types of roller blinds:

Are lightweight and allows natural light in, at the same time as providing you with privacy during the day. This type of blind is most commonly used

  • in living areas;
  • kitchens
  • bedrooms; and
  • street front windows.

Offer the ultimate level of privacy and darkening of a room while helping to insulate the room. Blockout blinds are ideal for

  • bedrooms;
  • theatre rooms;
  • bathrooms; and
  • street front windows.

Most popular option!

Dual Roller Blinds

Also known as Double Roller Blinds, Double Blinds, Day and Night Blinds.

Mesh blind and full blockout blind on the same window. The Double Roller Blind allows:

  • complete privacy at night with the full block out blind; and
  • allows natural light to enter the room with the mesh or translucent fabric whilst still enabling the view to the outside.

Learn more see: Double roller blinds page

Other options
for your windows

Pelmets are an excellent way to finish and add style to your window.  As well as being decorative, pelmets help hide the top of the roller blind and componentry.

If you are after something sophisticated yet traditional we can also offer fabric wrapped pelmets to coordinate with your interior blinds. Pelmets can be made using a contrasting or matching fabric colour.

Pelmets are also available in aluminium (Silver, White, Sandstone or black).

When a blind is very large its very heavy to operate with a chain only, chains breaks over time because they can't cope with the weight of the fabric.

This is why its important that we supply our customers with the fitted spring assist for a smooth and easier operation.

The most popular blind operating system is via a chain.  Chains are available in

  • white plastic chain;
  • nickle plated chain; or
  • stainless steel chain for added strength

All manual Roller Blinds are fitted with a child safety clip for added protection at No Extra charge.


Roller Blinds

For the ultimate in luxury, motorised blinds is sure to impress.

Motorization of blinds technology is continually advancing. We use and highly recommend Rollease Acmeda motors.  Our friendly team can walk you through each of the options, to help you determine which motor best meets your needs and budget.

Types of motors available:

  • Ideal for large and wide blinds
  • Requires hard-wired connection by a licensed electrician
  • Motor can be easily plugged into your standard power socket at home and recharged
  • No cost for an electrician
  •  No electrical work required by an electrician.
  • Long life Lithium battery
  • Energy efficient
  • Eco friendly option
  • Solar panel system collects UV light and stores power


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  •  We use the latest Blind Ultrasonic Laser cutting machine
  • We guarantee sealed, fray free cut on every cut of every blind.
  • Laser cutter eliminates any mistakes in measurements, offering our client a perfect blind every time.

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