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The latest custom made security doors on the Market and how to care for your security doors.

Custom Security Doors

Our security doors in Melbourne are all custom made and like to provide our customers with the latest  selection of front security doors to suit the decor of your home as well as a back security door for your pets.

Top Spot Blinds uses top quality suppliers: colonial castings, alspec and alu-gard security screens for all our security doors providing safety screen panels which rust will never be a problem.

All our door inserts are gravity die cast in 100% recyclable aluminium, which makes the product much more durable with added strength.

Our Security doors are custom made in our factory using quality Aluminium security screening solution for Australian conditions. ALU-GARD is one of the greatest solutions for a secure security door with a perforated aluminium sheet retained in an extruded aluminium frame.

Caring for your Security Doors Frames

Fist step - Please make sure all your windows and doors and closed before you start washing your security doors.

External security door frames should be gently washed with clean water and a mild, non abrasive, detergent followed by a fresh water rinse. A soft clean sponge should be used to avoid scratching of the aluminium surface.

Cleaning should take place at least every two to three months however in coastal or industrial areas a monthly cleaning program is recommended.

Sliding window and door sills should be kept free of any dust and grit while the drainage slots should be regularly checked to ensure that they have not been blocked.

Abrasive type cleaners and cleaning materials must be avoided as they can damage aluminium surfaces. In addition to this the use of solvent based cleaners and etching chemicals should not be used for cleaning your security door frames.

Caring for your Security Door Hardware

Hardware components have moving parts and will therefore require regular maintenance. In most environments, maintenance is recommended every three to six months.

Exposed surfaces of hangers, hinges, pivots and brackets should be wiped down with warm soapy water and rinsed clean to remove any dust and grit. Drop bolts should be sprayed with a silicone based lubricant at the sliding pin inside the bolt.




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