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Roman Blinds – What Are They and How Do I Clean and Maintain Them?

Hello, home lovers and welcome to another Top Spot Blinds Blog Entry!

This week we thought we would introduce you all to a new style of blind that we have yet to write about: The Roman Blind.

Now Roman Blinds are absolutely famous for their elegant and luxurious style that you would expect to see in a 5-star hotel. Their beautiful, modern and unique features help make them stand out not only in your home or office but also in the world of window furnishing in general.

So what IS a Roman Blind?

Mechanically speaking a Roman Blind is simply a window blind that rolls up into pleats but the beautiful patterns and fabrics that can be used for this is truly what makes it exquisite. However, Roman Blinds are more than just their fabulous design, they also offer incredibly beneficial features such as UV Protection capabilities.
UV Rays provide a harmful presence to your furniture and carpets by dulling them in colour causing them to fade and having to replace them. They’re also manufactured at Top Spot Blinds with a traditional cord operation or the choice of our sophisticated chain control to help keep possible little hands up and out of the way.

How Do I Clean and Regularly maintain my Roman Blinds?

Just like our recent introduction blind blogs; Roller Shutters, Roller Blinds, and Vertical Blinds our Roman Blinds also offer a quick and simple cleaning solution!

It is highly important that you regularly maintain your roman blinds. Roman Blinds, unlike most others, cannot be saturated with water to be cleaned and regular implementation of dusting or vacuuming your Roman Blinds could save you money on a whole new set.

To maintain your Roman Blinds, simply use your vacuuming soft brush attachment on a low suction to glide over your blinds, top to bottom. With Roman Blinds, this method is generally sufficient enough to help maintain and clean them. However, if a stain is present please follow these step by step instructions carefully:

You will need the following items:

  • A bucket filled water.
  • A mild detergent.
  • A soft white cloth x 2.

To begin, place the mild detergent in the bucket of water.
Gently dip your first white cloth into the detergent water.
Slowly blot clean the stains location, try to avoid any saturation of the blind as this could cause damage.
Once satisfied use your second white cloth to blot dry.

It is important to always remember to spot-test your product on an inconspicuous part of your blinds. This ensures that the detergent of your choice will not cause harmful damage to your window furnishings. Top Spot Blinds always recommends spot tests before any cleaning process takes place.

And it’s as simple as that folks!

Thank you all so much for reading another Top Spot Blinds Blog entry and we will be writing to you all again next week with some more home tips and tricks!

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