Sheer Curtains

Sheer Curtains

Top Spot Blinds wavefold sheer curtains (also known as S fold) creates a stylish addition to your home and makes a bold statement to your room. This can be achieved when using a combination of blockout roller blinds with sheer curtains. For all layered window solutions, the use of sheers will provide more options of your desired level of privacy during day or night.

Sheer curtains are transparent, lightweight material which drape with a smooth continuous wave effect, creating a beautifully elegant and relaxed look. Sheer curtains allow the sun’s natural light and beauty to come through your window, but also block UV rays that can damage your furniture.

Another wonderful feature to sheer curtains is the additional privacy they can provide to your room/s. With the added layer of insulation from outside observation. 

Sheer curtains are also a wonderful addition to your enclosed outdoor patio areas to enhance a relaxing ambience and a carefree summer mood in outdoor rooms of all kinds. Perhaps your outdoor entertaining area is a little too close to neighbours.

Sheers are also surprisingly easy to operate with a flick of a wand and minimal effort by pulling across or using a cord for privacy or to increase the appeal of the space light sheers.


Specific Qualities (Why We Are Different)


  • Sheer Curtains are stylish, affordable and easy to clean window covering solution to suit your home and office.
  • Top Spot Blinds offers pelmet covers for a decorative fascia for sheer curtains. Pelmet covers are an option used to conceal curtain fixtures.
  • Sheer curtains provide elegance and class like no other window covering. Sheer curtains are ideal for living rooms, family rooms and bedrooms.  Sheers, are not recommended for wet areas with all the moisture.
  • Adding sheer curtains to your window will add the illusion of height to a room
  • Roller blinds help manage and control sunlight, glare and temperature inside a room or house.
  • Easy D.I.Y installation option.
  • Top Spot Blinds is one of the few genuine Melbourne blinds manufacturers around making custom made blinds since 1986. We are family owned and operated so we treat you like family.
  • Manufacturing blinds in Australia with over 30+ years’ experience.
  • Competitive prices in Melbourne whilst still maintain the highest quality of Sheer Curtains.
  • Top Spot Blinds has no hidden costs and no commission fees. This gives customers the full experience of our staff being friendly, polite and articulate with all enquiries without any obligation.
  • Top Spot Blinds provides a huge range of sheer curtain and blinds to suit your home or office.
  • Availability of fabric choices is great to suit all budgets including a selection of all the popular colours from different shades of grey, white, cream and black.
  • The benefit of having a sheer curtain and a blockout roller is the double layer of insulation, which is ideal for both winter and summer. 
  • The combination of Sheer curtains and blockout roller blinds provides total control of the privacy and the level of brightness in your room. The combination creates an inviting and warm feel to the room.