Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds

High quality internal roller blinds, complement and enhance your home or commercial property. Our Roller blinds are designed for performance, longevity with the practicality of smooth and easy operation, making roller blinds a favourite to suit any décor.

Top Spot Blinds manufactures roller blinds in Melbourne, with the trusted brand Rollease Acmeda with innovation in mind. To complete the look of your window covering we use heavy duty chain systems with advanced features of a spring assist, powder coated bottom rails, plastic and stainless-steel chains that can withstand the constant opening and closing of the blind.

Roller Blinds are also known as Holland Blinds. Top Spot Blinds have great range of designer fabrics, styles and colours from sleek blackout fabric to textured with acrylic backing to sheer fabric.

Dual Roller Blinds - Day/Night Blinds

Our dual roller blind or double blinds systems are typically paired with a blockout fabric and a screen (mesh) fabric.

Dual roller blinds have a double bracket which combines the two fabrics together (blockout fabric and mesh fabric) on the same window. Dual Roller blinds are built into your window frame neatly or onto the face of windows, providing extra privacy and protection during the day time without losing your amazing view or natural light. Whilst the blockout blind creates darkening and night time privacy.

Dual roller blinds are modern and popular, easy to control as each blind has its own chain drive to control the level of light and heat with confidence. Remote control is also an option.


Specific Qualities (Why We Are Different)


  • Roller blinds are stylish, affordable and easy to clean window covering solution to suit your home and office.
  • Add a spring booster to your roller blind, the weight of the blind is transferred through the springs, ultimately offering a light operation to lift.
  • Top Spot Blinds offers pelmet covers for a decorative fascia for roller blinds available in anodised silver, white, sandstone and black. Pelmet covers are an option used to conceal roller blind fixtures.
  • Top Spot Blinds offer a unique linking system which allows for multiple blinds to be connected and controlled by a single mechanism all together, or independently to reduce light gaps between blinds.
  • Maintaining roller blinds is easy, all that is required is to occasionally wipe with a damp cloth or light sponge.
  • Roller blinds help manage and control sunlight, glare and temperature inside a room or house.
  • Easy D.I.Y installation option
  • Top Spot Blinds is one of the few genuine Melbourne blinds manufacturers around making custom made blinds since 1986. We are family owned and operated so we treat you like family.
  • Manufacturing blinds in Australia with over 30+ years’ experience.
  • Competitive prices in Melbourne whilst still maintain the highest quality of Roller blinds
  • Top Spot Blinds has no hidden costs and no commission fees. This gives customers the full experience of our staff being friendly, polite and articulate with all enquiries without any obligation.
  • All customers are welcome to come into our factory/showroom and see our latest revolutionary machinery which include ultrasonic and crush cutting table that cuts all our blinds accurately with sealed edges.
  • We use our Roller Blind control lift machine to inspect and test every single blind that it is manufactured to perfection.
  • All our components are of higher-quality (rather than cheaper materials on the market) using the Acmeda S45 heavy duty system.
  • Top Spot Blinds provides a huge range of roller blinds to suit your home, office and commercial building.
  • There is a great selection of fabrics to suit all budgets including a selection of base rails and chain drives.
  • Roller blinds have 2 fantastic choices for operating your roller blind. The most simple, cost-effective operation is the chain control systems, which is secured with a child safety clip for peace of mind.
  • Motorisation is available as a wired option especially for those hard to reach places or high windows. Battery operation is also available eliminating the need for an electrician.
  • Availability of fabric widths is great as we offer up to 3 metres wide and 3 metres drop, making it ideal for all larger windows.
  • Dual roller blinds, double blinds, day/night blinds are all the same blind type. You can choose between two fabric combinations; mesh fabric and blackout fabric, or a light filter and blackout fabric.