Alfresco Blinds

Alfresco Blinds 

Melbourne's Alfresco Blinds specialists, Top Spot Blinds can provide your outdoor living area together with an entertaining area or window furnishing with more privacy, as well as shelter from the sun, wind and rain too.

Select from our wide range of full blockout canvas fabric or outdoor mesh material for your Alfresco area or window furnishing.

Suitable to help enclose a variety of outdoor areas, such as

  • verandahs;
  • pergolas;
  • carports;
  • patios and;
  • any other alfresco area.

Alfresco blinds are also used at cafes around Melbourne, to enclose dining areas.

Our friendly sales team will work with you and give you their expertise and suggestions in creating your dream outdoor area into a reality.



  • 5 YEAR Warranty on fabric

Custom Made

Top Spot Blinds will manufacture and install your Alfresco Blinds to suit your outdoor space. Whatever the shape and size of your  alfresco area or decking,  Top Spot Blinds will custom make your blinds all the way to installing them for you in creating a perfect fit.

Wide range of colours available

View our brochure of the different range of fabric colours Adobe Download

Optional Operation

All of our Alfresco Blinds come with a variety of operational systems.

You can choose from:

  • Spring loaded
  • Crank
  • Motorised operated

Side Channels

To enclose your alfresco area we can install optional side channels. See our Zip Screen page for more information.

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We have a wide range of colours and fabrics available. View our brochure of the different range of fabric colours Adobe Download

We offer multiple Alfresco Blind systems, including the unique side channel systems to eliminate any gaps between exterior blinds or posts and it also offers the most modern and stylish addition to your outdoor area.

See our ZipScreen page for more information.

We strive to provide customers with the BEST and HONEST advice on outdoor blind fabrics.

We DO NOT recommend using PVC/Clear plastic for your outdoor blinds or cafe for the following reasons:

  • plastic puckers and stretches - No clear window effect as customers would hope from the moment it is installed;
  • creates a sail effect during high winds; and
  • traps heat, similar to a Green house;
  • the plastic yellows, clouds up and stains with heat exposure;
  • When rolled up after its been raining or during periods of rain, water builds up within the roll and over time damages the plastic;
  • We are all time poor, to care for your PVC outdoor blinds involves a lot of maintenance, frequent cleaning, drying etc.


Alternatively we recommend using a MESH outdoor blind fabric .


  • The Mesh blind allows you to maintain your view, even when the blinds are fully wound down.
  • The pinholes in the woven mesh fabric filters heat and light so that air flow is still able to pass through, keeping the interior cool by preventing stale hot air from becoming trapped.
  • Depending on how tight the weave is in the mesh fabric is, will determine how much rain filters in or bounces off the mesh.
  • We have a good range of modern and traditional fabric colours to choose from
  • Low maintenance

All external blinds, including Alfresco Blinds are not designed to endure VERY HEAVY winds. We recommend blinds to be drawn as well as secured during heavy winds and storms.

We then recommend regular cleaning (at least every 3 months) to ensure surfaces are free from dirt, dust and grime.

Use a soft brush or broom to clean the blinds.

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