Pelmets for Windows and Sliding Doors

All our custom made pelmets for windows and sliding doors are manufactured to suit all your window furnishings and come with a huge variety of colours and styles.

The pelmets added extra flair, that doesn't go un-noticed to the decor of you home by colour matching or contrasting your blinds and curtains.

The greatest solution for blocking out more light from entering the room is to have Pelmets over your blinds or curtains, as this will prevent extra light coming through. Not only does it help stop light coming through but, it complements the finishing touches to your curtains and blinds.

Pelmets for roller blinds are popular as it hides away the mechanisms of the blind.


Aluminium Window Pelmets

For a more cleaner and fresher look,  the aluminium window pelmets are perfect for your home.

It comes in three different colours: Black, white and anodised silver to match the decor of your home or to colour match your blinds and curtains.

We have two sizes to choose from:

  • the Facia pelmet comes in 100mm; and
  • the Aluminium Pelmet come in the popular 95mm.

Upholstered and Soft Furnished Padded Pelmets

Padded pelmets for windows or over sliding doors add a more classy and elegant look. We use wadding to create a sophisticated look without making it too bulky, giving it a more soft furnishing appeal.

The best part about padded pelmets is there is more flexibility with colours and sizes as its comes in a huge variety of colours as you can colour match your blinds and curtains or simply the decor of your home.

The sizes can be custom made to which size you would like, the most popular sizes we do for padding is

  • 150mm;
  • 200mm; and
  • 250mm.

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