Aluminium Blinds

Aluminum Blinds For Your Home or Office. Simple to use.

Aluminium Blinds (Venetians) are custom made - made to suit your individual window furnishing or door. They are incredibly versatile and are perfect for creating a modern, uncluttered look in any home or office environment.

Simple to use, Venetians are easily raised and lowered to the desired level by pulling on the operating cord. They can be left fully or partially open or completely closed for full privacy and with over 50 fashionable colours and shades to choose from.

Venetian blind slat sizes available

  • 16mm slats: Micro
  • 25mm slats: Slim
  • 50mm slat: Traditional

An advantage to choosing our Aluminum Venetians Blinds is that they are resistant to peeling, scratching dulling and discoloration.

Top Spot Blinds offers customers: 

Quality, Service, and Pricing

  • At Top Spot Blinds we offer a FREE measure and Quote on Aluminium Blinds.
  • Our product is built to last and we pride ourselves in selling our customers the best Quality Aluminium Blinds on the market at affordable prices with NO Commission Fees.

Custom Made

All of our Aluminum Venetian Blinds are custom made to suit each window furnishing or door for your home or office.

Versatile and Simple

Aluminum Blinds can be suited to any window furnishing in any room with a simplistic design.

Extra Strength

Aluminum Blinds have a delicate appearance but using Alloy Aluminum it gives strength to these blinds.

Shades and Colours

Our Aluminium slats are available in a wide variety of durable finishes including the popular neutral tones to solid colours. Top Spot Blinds has colours to suit all our customers with over 50 colours.