Save Money With Top Spot Blinds

Factory Direct - Saving our customers Money!

Top Spot Blinds is a factory direct Blinds manufacturer since 1986. Saving our customers money over the years....Now you might be wondering how?

  • Its simple! We DO NOT charge a commission fee to our customers as all of our sales reps don't work on commission.
  • Our sales reps are also qualified installers for so many years, so they can help you create a more cost effective way of having your blinds, security doors, shutters and curtains quoted and installed.  Our reps know what it takes to get the job done right.
  • As we are a direct manufacture we can pass on the saving to our customers direct, as we don't have to worry about out-sourcing the blinds from a wholesaler.
  • Customers can make the decision of installing the products they have purchased, saving you some more money, we are happy to guide you through the steps of how to install your product. So please feel free to ask about this option.
  •  Furnishing your home with Blinds or Curtains can be expensive but, they help with insulation.

    Window treatments are not just a decorating essential, they also offer privacy, and sometimes help with insulation,

We invite our customers to come into our showroom to see all of the products we have available, and even check out how your blinds are progressing in the factory.

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